Motor system (12 V)

Tilt and sideways travel with the motor. In the case of motor system (12 V), the motor is fitted on the left concealed behind the track. In curved units, it is necessary to provide a straight section with a length of at least 320 mm. Detailed information and operation variants are shown in ˇ§Motor operationˇ¨.

Special characteristics

ˇ´ Low-voltage installation downstream from the power pack.

ˇ´ Height of the motor system = the normal unit.

ˇ´ Automatic overload cut-out.

ˇ´ Tilt through 180˘X (closes in both directions).

ˇ´ Automatic partial opening. (Automatic tilt to min. 25˘X when signal for sideways travel is active; no collisions between louvres during sideways travel.)

Optional applications

ˇ´ Mono motor (for the use of operation elements with only two functions).

ˇ´ Top mounted motor (for mounting powered units in suspended ceilings).

ˇ´ Tilt motor (only for tilting the hanging).

ˇ´ Group controls. (Each unit in a group can control the whole group or be controlled by the other groups.)

ˇ´ Central controls.

ˇ´ Cabling with clamp terminal connections.

ˇ´ Operation via key-operated switch.

ˇ´ Solar detector with timer.

ˇ´ Control switch operation with surface outlet power supply unit.

ˇ´ Detailed information on inquiry.