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Motorized Roller Blinds
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AC Motor : Altus 50 RTS, Altus 40 RTS, ST40 RTS, LT50, LS40, ST40, QT50
Soness 50,, ILT2 50, CSI, FTS
DC Motor : 12V/24V
Sonesse 30 RTS / Dry Conact / RS485, ST30, LT28,
Control : Switch, RF-remotr (RTS), IR-remote, Dry Contact, RS485, Group Control, iPhone App, Android App

LT50 Wired motors : Torque 3-40Nm, Speed 12-32rpm

Somfy Sonesse ST30 Shade Motor is an ultra-quiet 24VDC motor designed for specific use with roller shades. The Sonesse ST30 motors are engineered with superior noise reduction technology and from a distance of 3 feet, are barely heard. The compact, low profile Sonesse 30 motor is designed for tubes as small as 1.5” in diameter and is the perfect motor for use where more advanced control is needed of the shades. Choose this motor where larger shades need to be lifted and where operation must be at their quietest levels. This shade motor is powered via 24VDC.

Sonesse 30

DCT (Dry Contact Colled)

RTS (Radio Technology Somfy)

RS485 bidirectional serial communication with 3rd party control systems.

Control Switch–
Wall mounted wired control unit.

Inis Uno / Duo

Single / Dual
For AC motor
Colour: White & grey.
Max Current: 6A per switch.
Supplied as wall mount.

Radio remote control :

RTS -Radio Technology Somfy
With over 4 000 000 systems installed throughout the world, the Radio Technology SomfyR (RTS) has today become the absolute reference in secure radio control for the home. It is simple to use and RTS motors and control units are completely compatible.


With a transmission range of 200m in free space or 20m th+rough two concrete walls, RTS guarantees efficient controls from every room.
RTS is secure: its unbreakable hopping code of 16 million combinations make the RTS remote control entirely secure.
RTS’s narrow bandwidth prevents the transmissions from being jeopardized by telephones, television sets, Wifi, Bluetooth…

433.42mhz: radio receiver build inside motor or external receiver
315mhz & 409mhz - ask

2005年《電訊(電訊器具)(豁免領牌)(修 訂)令》
中包括409Mhz & 315Mhz

Telecommunications (Telecommunications Apparatus)(Exemption from Licensing)(Amendment) Order 2005
409Mhz & 315Mhz are covered

在 香 港 , 管有或使用不合規格的通訊器材的最高刑罰是罰款$50,000及監禁兩年
The highest penalty in Hong Kong for possession or use of telecom equipment not meeting technical specifications - HK$50,000 and Two-year imprisonment

Telis Radio Transmitter (hand set)
Up to 16 channels
Smoove Radio Transmitter (for 50mm x 50mm wall mount)
4 colour

RS485 RTS Transmitter
15 channel radio transmitter, with RS485. Allows for the individual or group control of RTS motors / receivers. Somfy Rolling Code. Up to 200m range in an open area.

Telis remote controls by Somfy by Somfy Pty Ltd


RS485 RTS Transmitter

MYLINK - WIFI to RTS Interface
Control your window coverings, rolling shutters with a smartphone or tablet

Type G plug (Hong Kong/UK)

With one plug and no wires, Somfy myLink lets you control your Somfy motorized products wherever you are!
The Somfy myLink app provides simplified control of Radio Technology SomfyR (RTS) motorised blinds, shades, curtains, awnings, rolling shutters and screens from the convenience of your Android phones and tablet for sunlight management anytime, anywhere. With the Somfy myLink app, you can:
- Control up to 20 channels of RTS motorized products per Somfy myLink
- Create Scenes for easy control of multiple motorized products
- Create Schedules to automatically activate your motorized products at a certain time of day, day of the week.
- Add more Somfy myLink for multiple zone control
- Control your RTS motorized products both at home and away

The Somfy myLink app requires at least one Somfy myLink plug and existing RTS motorized product(s) with at least one programmed RTS handheld, in-wall or table top control.


The TaHoma One Box
TaHoma One

Get The TaHoma Attitude!
Somfy TaHome One simplifies interaction between you and your devices in your home. Let your home automatically manage blinds, curtains, awnings, lights, air-conditioning and entertainment system while giving you a total control at your convenience.
With the intuitive and user-friendly interface on your smartphone, you can stay connected to your home at ease.

The TaHoma One App
The Tahome One App is available on iOS and Android.

Group control unit, allowing up to 4 motor stobe connected via a single controller / switch. No individual control of the connected motors is a standard fixed position switch.  
Dry contact for AV control Com + Up / Down / up+down=stop (3 wire) > 400m sec. Momentary
Com + Up / Down / Stop (4 wire)
  Low voltage terminals are provided on the Synchronizing Control for interfacing to home automation or other third party systems.MAINTAINED OUTPUT MODEL:To activate an UP command, a momentary dry contact (relay) closure is required between the UP input and COMMON. This contact should remain closed at least 0.5seconds.
Similarly, to activate a DOWN command, a contact closure is required between the DOWN and COMMON terminals.
To activate a STOP command, a contact closure is required between the UP, DOWN and COMMON terminals.

Infrared Technology
This type of controls is destined for indoor use as it must avoid exposure to direct sunlight at all times. Infrared technology allows on-site control of shading devices within a radius of 15 meters.
Main advantage when compared to radio technology: there is no interference with electromagnetic signals from other devices such as television sets and X-ray equipment in hospitals.



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